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  • Credit Counseling: This is the basic and the most essential step that needs to be taken for doing away with debts. This process involves we acting on your behalf to negotiate on debt repayment with the creditors.

Credit Counseling involves:

  • Educating debtors on the underlying processes
  • Create a budget to act upon on a monthly basis
  • Negotiate with the creditors on debtor’s behalf

Debt Management: The most affordable of all, debt management is an effective method to deal with debts. The process involves developing a monthly budget plan with the consent of both the debtors and the creditors.

Debt Management involves:

  • Contacting the creditor on behalf of the debtor
  • Try and lower the monthly payments to the creditors
  • Tries to lower the corresponding interest rates
  • Makes efforts to waive off the imposed late fees

Bankruptcy Filing: When nothing else works, bankruptcy does. This is the last option that one should prefer. From pre-filing to post-bankruptcy, we’ll be there at every step of the process.

Bankruptcy Counseling involves:

  • Educating you on the consequences of bankruptcy
  • Filing for bankruptcy in an effective manner with no space for mistakes
  • Educate you on “CHAPTER 7” and “CHAPTER 13” bankruptcy and as to what would suit you best
  • Improving the credit reports post-bankruptcy

Student Loans:

This is one kind of loan that requires special mention. Many times, students find it difficult to repay the education loans. Delaying the student loan payment is not the solution here as it could add up owing to the increasing interests.

Student loan services involve:

  • Pleading and trying to get the loan canceled
  • Implementing deferment or forbearance programs
  • Formulating a customized monthly payments plan for faster repayments 

Financial Education: Knowing the A-Z of financial terms and debt related technical terms is essential more than ever. Our financial experts will help you learn everything before they implement anything in your favor.

Financial education involves:

  • Training sessions for helping you learn financial terms
  • Making you understand terms that suit your financial condition in particular
  • Online video tutorials
  • Making you understand the importance of income management

Credit Reports Management: Debts put a negative impact on the credit ratings. One should know this reduces the further credibility of you getting any kind of financial help.

Credit Reports Management involves:

  1. Educating you on the consequences of bad credit ratings
  2. Assisting you in the best practices for credit improvement